Hygiene and care of the tattoo


The hygiene applied to the Studio is rigorous


  •  The material is sterile and of single use.

  • Stérilisation by autoclave classifies B, the material is stored under sterile packing

  • What is in direct contact with the skin is thrown after use (gloves, capsules, needles, razors etc)

  • The scheme of work, the dermographes and all surfaces touched during the meeting are cleaned with Decontaminating after each customer.




The maintenance of Tattoo

  1. The first bandage is to be preserved 2 to 6 hours.

  2. Pass the prescribed pomade (Bépanthène, Homéoplasmine, Cicatryl) three times by day, so that tattooing is never dry, while always taking care to wash your hands before this operation. You can put a bandage in order to protect tattooing from the sun, dust but think of letting it breathe as soon as possible.

  3. During the cicatrization period (approximately 10 to 15 days), you will be able to continue to take showers (not to rub tattooing), but no bath, nor of swimming pool or pitch-stirrer in edge of sea. Dry the skin by gently plugging it with a linen clean and soft, apply the pomade immediately afterwards.

  4. Do not remove the possible crusts, wear cotton clothing.

  5. No solar exposure, nor of U.V in institute during the month following the meeting.

  6. After complete cicatrization, think of taking care of the skin which carries tattooing (regular hydration and maximum solar protection) it will age better.