Studio / Interview

Mana Tattoo

The mana is a used term by many people on the whole of the planet, which qualifies the mysterious and active force that all forms of life have and which gives them a dimension crowned in relation to the divine one.


I am installed since 1998 on Landerneau (France),


 to the 17 quay of Cornwall, the 1st floor.


This space enables you to consult the specialized

books and magazines in all peace.


I divide since many years my time between tattooing, drawing, painting, sculpture and music. Creation in all its forms fascinate me.

 I am in favour of the single part. this is why I use the least possible the copying paper, which certainly do not prevent from making beautiful tattoos, but in the copy it very often misses a heart.

Each person is single and deserves a single tattoo. Do not recopy existing tattoos, made them evolve so that you can adapt it to you. Normally the tattoer can help you for this, trust him.





If you are ready for a tattooing, you donít need  anaesthetic or other substitutes to pass to the act. The feeling belongs to tattooing, to ritual.


The tattoer job is a full-time job to which I devote all my energy, this is why I do not make piercings.


I also benefit from this small stammers to thank all the people who entrusted to me their skin during all these years.